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Realtor Services

What can We Do For you?

At Crown Title we do everything we can to serve our Realtors! In addition to providing you with the best and smoothest closing experience possible for you and your clients, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our cutting edge Digital Docs system not only provides your clients with a permanent digital file of their closing documents but with ‘Forever Marketing’ and ‘Instant Business Alerts / Instant Referral Notifications’ we can help keep you ahead of the game, ahead of the competition and always in step with your clients.

We also host a free, Realtor only, Show & Sell event every other month with 3 opportunities to help YOU:

  1. You can share one of your listings with a room full of agents who may have a potential buyer for your property! To present a property, all you have to do is email us your MLS listing number and we will put it in our slide show for you.
  2. You can find a listing for some of your own special buyers! If you don’t have a property to present you can still come and view the other properties being presented. You can also participate in the “I HAVE A BUYER” section of the event, where you can stand up and share the particular wants and needs that your Buyer is looking for.
  3. You can network with other Realtors! If you don’t have a property to present or a buyer you’re looking for, then you can still come and network with other realtors.

We have a closing cost calculator on our website available 24/7 for Realtors to help assist their clients with expected fees, costs and rates.

For more information about our Digital Docs System, Show & $ell, or any of our other services feel free to contact us!